How To Install An In-Ground Trampoline

Installing A Sunken Trampoline Tips

Do you want to know how to install an in-ground trampoline? Since the trampoline will be placed in the ground, the process is very different from the process you’d go through when installing a standard trampoline. These are a few things about the process that you should know.

Find The Right Location For Your Trampoline

If you place your trampoline in a part of your garden that is heavily landscaped, you’ll have to remove that landscaping so that you can dig a hole for your trampoline. Because of this, you’ll want to look for space that hasn’t been landscaped if possible.

Moving your landscaping can take a lot of time. In some cases, it won’t be possible to transfer trees or plants, which means you could lose your landscaping entirely. Put a lot of thought into where your trampoline will go so that you can find the ideal location for it.

Look For The Best Tools For The Job

The trampoline installation process will be difficult if you don’t have the appropriate tools. Typically, you’ll only need a few tools on hand, but if you’re missing even one of these tools, it can cause major problems for you.

You’ll generally need a Phillips screwdriver, a mallet, and a puller to put your trampoline together. It’s likely that you’ll find the process easier if you have access to other tools as well, such as a power drill. Because you’ll need to dig a large hole to place your in-ground trampoline in, a shovel might not be sufficient. Instead, you may need to hire heavy equipment.

Consider Hiring A Professional

Assembling an in-ground trampoline is much more challenging than assembling a standard trampoline, which is why you may not want to do everything on your own. Instead, you’ll want to work with an expert that can handle this process for you.

It’s likely that you’ll need to hire costly equipment in order to install your trampoline if you try to do things on your own. This can be a difficult process, and there’s a significant chance that you’ll make mistakes. You can save yourself a great deal of trouble if you hire people that are qualified to do the job.

Make Sure Your Trampoline Is Prepared For The Winter Season

When temperatures drop, you’ll want to make sure that the snow doesn’t cause any damage to your trampoline. Because of this, you may want to take down your trampoline during this season and re-install it after winter is over.

If you don’t want to go through this process, you’ll want to make sure your trampoline is properly covered before winter begins. If you protect your trampoline now, you’ll be able to save yourself a great deal of trouble in the future. It’s particularly important to cover your trampoline’s springs, as they are at risk of damage.

In-ground trampolines offer a lot of benefits, but they can still be difficult to install. That’s why you’ll want to keep these installation tips at the forefront of your mind. Make sure that the process goes smoothly for you.