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GALWAY: 091 42 3369
CORK: 021 601 7112
DUBLIN: 01 960 1641

The In-Ground & Flatground Trampoline Experts

We're proud to specialise in the premium quality trampoline brands, particularly Inground & Flat Ground models.

If you have any questions on any aspect of these ranges, please contact us HERE.


In Ground & Sunken Trampolines Ireland


GALWAY: 091 423 369
CORK: 021 601 7112
DUBLIN: 01 960 1641

Pros and Cons of In the ground Trampolines

Some people love them (the majority), while others hate them. But if you're on this website, chances are that you love them, or at least that you're open to loving one. Not to beat around the bush.


They're cool - they're new, they're different and they bring a fresh look to trampolining.

Kids love them because they're new and bouncing on a trampoline that is close to or level with the ground can feel a little bit surreal until you get used to it.

Parents love them because they look much sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing in the garden, as they sit down into your garden or lawn instead of sticking up.


Less portable - because you're digging a hole beneath the jump mat, they're not quite as quick and simple to move or reposition. It can be done but you will need to dig another hole and so on.

Safety considerations - this can't really be considered a con, but its important to remember that a trampoline will launch the bouncer several feet into the air, and so its important that appropriate care is taken.

With regular and inground trampolines we always recommend using a net or enclosure.

When You Need Support, We'll Be Here...

Hi Gary,
Hope you have enjoyed the summer. The trampoline was a big hit here, it gets so much use, definitely a great buy.


Hi Gary,
Love the trampoline... Boys have been out all afternoon on it... They
love their birthday present.... The Regular Trampoline is just fitting
perfectly too.. Thanks for helping out with changing our order.
Thanks again for all.


Great products at a competive price, very impressed by the level of aftersales support, highly recommend would use again.